Australia's HINWI Residency Visa Schemes

Do you want to live in Australia?

Australia has in recent years modified its Business and Investment residency visa programs. The primary visas of interest to business people or sophisticated investors are-

Business Innovation and Investment visas

These Provisional (subclass 188) and Permanent (subclass 888) visas are linked and have three streams-

1. Business Innovation stream for people with a successful business career committed to owning a new or existing Australian business.

2. Investor stream for people with a successful record of business or investment activity to make a designated investment in a State or Territory and be committed to continue business or investment activity in Australia after the designated investment has matured.

3. Significant Investor stream for people willing to invest ≥ AUD5 million into complying investments in Australia and committed to maintaining business or investment activity in Australia after the designated investment has matured.

Business Talent Visa

This Permanent (subclass 132) visa has two streams-

1. Significant Business History Stream for experienced high calibre business people committed to participate in a new or existing Australian business.

2. Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream for entrepreneurs with a high potential business plan who have sourced ≥ AUD1 million in venture capital funding through a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association Limited.

Investor Retirement Visa 

This Temporary (subclass 405) visa is for self-funded retirees with no dependents who want to live in Australia in their retirement. Applicants must be 55 years of age or older and have net assests of AUD750,000 available for transfer to Australia.

Each of the visas have different requirements regarding health, skills and/or wealth.

We work closely with lawyers and financial advisers to assist clients with their visa applications and the structuring of their business, investment or retirement structures in Australia.

Brief Australian Statistics

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. Some 26% of all Australians were born overseas (2011 Census). It is a free-market democracy comprising six States and two self-governing Territories. The nation’s capital Canberra is the only major city not located on the seaboard.

Geographically, Australia is an island continent of some 7.7 million square kilometres (4.8 million square miles). The major population concentrations are around the six State capital cities. Smaller cities serve the rural areas and Australia’s centre is dry and sparsely populated. Some 20% of the island continent is desert.

Australia’s legal system is based on English common law with an independent judiciary. The economy is primarily service based with a wide diversity of industries represented. 

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