Gillard's rights to demand PT work will further casualise Australia's workforce

It seems clear that PM Gillard and Employment Minister Shorten are intent on mandating the right of parents returning from maternity or paternity leave to demand PT work arrangements.

Whilst most large employers may be able to accommodate this (albeit with some difficulty), Australia's SME sector will find this imposition both onerous and expensive. 

I forsee a likely SME response to be a restructuring of their workforce to-

1. A core of experienced FT mature age employees

2. A core of experienced mature PT employees

3. Reliance on less mature casuals to backfill and cover spikes in workloads

The figures already show an increased reliance on mature workers and any further tinkering with the superannuation regime will encourage even more of the over 60s to remain in the workforce longer.

Look for the casualisation statistics to increase even further!

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