Graduands need Linkedin!

Students should begin development of their Linkedin profile during the final year of their degree. International students have a particular interest in doing this. They will have built friendships with members of both international and domestic cohorts that are likely to prove invaluable in the course of their careers.

With the ongoing globalisation of business and adoption of the International Reporting Standards, many new careers are going to be international in nature. A good network will enhance the employment prospects of new graduates.

A well developed Linkedin profile is also a living resume. Increasingly, recruiters treat Linkedin as the first reference point for checking the bona fides of applicants.

A graduate's Linkedin profile should be backed-up by a well crafted resume that is updated and finessed at regular intervals. It should be remembered that a good resume must "sell" you in the first half-page. If the recruiter's interest has not been piqued in that first half-page, what follows will go unread.

Amanda Augustine's "Mobilising Your Resume" is an excellent reference point for graduates seeking advice on resume best practice. See her presentation and vido extracts at - et_id=3275756249%22&buffer_share=cafd2&utm_source=buffer

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