The Australian Labor Party's Swansong

Wayne Swan's 2013-2014 Budget is nothing but a sham and a shambles. 

It is a sham because virtually none of it is seriously expected to be initiated or effected in the little time Labor has left in government. It is not intended to be a real budget at all, just a pale imitation, a counterfeit. In the cold, hard light of morning, it can only be explained as a spoiling exercise. 

Although this budget is clearly intended to make the job of an Abbott/Hockey government much more difficult, the real pain over the next two parliaments will be felt across the whole Australian community. Labor's shameless perfidy has produced a scorched earth policy that will do harm to us all.

It is a shambles because there is no overarching budget theme. It contains no map for the future and no 'report card' on the 2012-2013 Budget. 

The lack of a 'report card' is entirely understandable - how could Swan convincingly explain the $20.5 billion arithmetic error in his last effort?

The country would best be served by an immediate election. We need Abbott and Hockey to start fixing this disaster ASAP!

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