Ombuds and Dispute Resolution


Rollo & Company provides independent Ombuds and dispute resolution services. We have particular expertise in the higher education sector and in estate and succession planning.

In the higher education space many universities have a dedicated Student Obud. Very few have a dedicated Staff Ombud. For those universities and for private higher education providers, we offer an independent Ombud service for both students and staff.

Our principal Fred Rollo is a Member of the International Ombudsman Association and utilises his mediation and negotiation skills to resolve intractable issues. He is also a very experienced academic, so has a deep understanding of university cultures and policies. 

Fred has had considerable success in advising students how to self-resolve less complicated issues and in liaising with student advocates. 

In the estate and succession planning area, we can provide an independent facilitation service for family meetings. Fred has had considerable experience liaising with barristers and solicitors. Although he is not himself a lawyer, Fred has studied many business and commercial law subjects. Indeed, since 1992 he has taught a number of business and commercial law subjects at various universities.

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