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We just got our Australian income tax assessments and are really cranky!

My wife and I are a typical middle class Australian couple, both work and don’t get any so-called ‘middle class welfare’. We have private medical cover, so are actually further subsidising public hospitals.

Our 2014 tax assessments arrived yesterday, together with a helpful full-colour explanation of what our taxes actually pay for. Much of it is fair enough, but some big items really tick us off!

The biggest slice (37%) goes to welfare. Disability and unemployment benefits chew up 10% of our taxes. I don’t mind helping out those in need, but since 96% of Australia’s jihadist foreign fighters were apparently on welfare before they took off - I am really very angry. 

Listen here! If you are fit enough to fight, you were fit enough to work! 

It is imperative that the government urgently investigates how these bludgers were allowed to get away with this - their families should be investigated to see if they are also welfare drones. Any doctors who are found complicit in the false certification of disabilities should have their licences to practice immediately revoked. Their patient lists should be scoured to identify other scammers.

Our welfare system needs urgent overhaul and a clawback of previous improper welfare payments should be urgently implemented.

Also, 4% of our taxes have been allocated to paying the interest on Labor’s debt burden. That proportion will only widen whilst ever parliament phaffs about with it’s current 'magic pudding’ fantasy that there is no budget problem. 

Enough already! Eventually, us dumb taxpayers have to repay it all - wasting OUR MONEY on bludgers and hangers-on ain’t going to help!

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