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Become an Australian Tax Office “Tax Help Volunteer"

Take a leap forward into a tax career! If you are a student who has passed tax law with a good grade, you may be interested in this opportunity. The Australian Tax Office trains volunteers each year to assist people with simple tax matters during tax return season. 

This is a great opportunity for students to get some practical tax return preparation and advice experience. Over the years, quite a number of my better students have done the program. It provides an excellent addition to your CV and has helped some of my former students get entry into first and second tier accounting firm summer intern programs.

This is the link to the Tax Office information page-

Tax Schemes - Get a second opinion!

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) keeps a close eye on the proliferation of “too good to be true” tax avoidance schemes. Not only are there likely to be ‘flags’ raised in relation to deduction claims made in your tax return, online intelligence gathering and ‘dob-ins’ make it highly likely such arrangements will be audited.

If you are offered the ‘opportunity’ to invest in an investment scheme that is highly geared or otherwise driven by a ‘favourable tax effect’, seek a second opinion!

The ATO’s Youtube video Recognising tax avoidance schemes is a ‘must watch’!

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