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Australian Budget Impass Imperils Fragile Business and Consumer Confidence

I perceive that the pre-election boost of consumer confidence in the Australian economy (e.g.,as reflected in the level of enquiries and orders at homebuilder exhibition villages) is in danger of crumbling.

It is most likely that this confidence level was built on an expectation that the new Government’s policies would provide a stable basis for consolidation and recovery. The pending Budget impass may already be beginning to create fractures in the levels of consumer confidence.

The maintenance of business profit and employment levels is dependent upon a bouyany of confidence in the marketplace. 

That being said, leaders of Australian’s large public enterprises and SME’s need to add their voice to those encouraging the Senate to pass the Government’s substantive measures.

Without confidence in the economy, we are likely to find ourselves sinking in very rough waters. 

The defacto Clinton election campaign slogan, “The economy, stupid” should be kept front of mind by all players!

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